Yonex ZR 100 Light Aluminum Blend Badminton

Yonex ZR 100 Light Aluminum Blend Badminton Racquet with Full Cover, Set of 2

Hello Guys! In order to practice badminton(Yonex Badminton), like most sports, you need to buy certain equipment.Badminton is not a very expensive sport to play, but it is not basketball or running either,where you hardly need anything to get you going.In this post, I will explain all the different badminton equipment and gear that you … Read more

Top best ShuttleCock In 2023


SpecificaionA shuttlecock weighs around 4.75 to 5.50 g (0.168 to 0.194 oz). It has 16 feathers with each feather 70 mm (2.8 in) in length. The diameter of the cork is 25 to 28 mm (0.98 to 1.10 in) and the diameter of the circle that the feathers make is around 58 to 68 mm … Read more