Yonex ZR 100 Light Aluminum Blend Badminton

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In order to practice badminton(Yonex Badminton), like most sports, you need to buy certain equipment.
Badminton is not a very expensive sport to play, but it is not basketball or running either,
where you hardly need anything to get you going.
In this post, I will explain all the different badminton equipment and gear that you can have,

Mandatory badminton equipment and gear

  • Racket
  • Balance point
  • Weight

The weight is another factor to take into consideration when buying a racket.

Rackets come in different weight categories:

2U: 90-94 grams
3U: 85-89 grams
4U: 80-84 grams
5U: 75-79 grams
The heavier the racket, the more power and less control you have.
As with the balance point, your choice will depend on your style.

  • Shape of frame

Another important factor is the shape of the frame. There are two shapes in the market.
The oval shape (the traditional one) and the isometric shape.

The oval shape has a more concentrated sweet spot, so it is more difficult to hit the shuttle properly.
However, when done so, the shots are better.

  • Shaft

The last important point to consider is the shaft,
which is the part of the racket between the head and the handle.
This can come in different materials and in different stiffnesses.

  • Shuttle (or birdie)

The second mandatory item is the shuttle.
This is what distinguishes badminton from all the other racket sports and what makes it so unique.
The shuttles used in competitions are called feathered shuttles and they are not cheap to buy,
especially because they do not last that long.

  • Net & poles

A net (with the poles) is, in our opinion, also a mandatory item.
Even though you can still hit the shuttle around without the net,
this equipment provides certain limitations to the shots that make the game more realistic and fun.

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About Yonex Badminton

YONEX is the undisputed world #1 in badminton. From sponsorship of the world’s greatest tournaments to supporting the sport at club level, we are totally commited to promoting and enhancing the sport across the globe. We are a company driven by technology, constantly exploring new materials, new designs and ways of improving your game.
Details About Yonex Badminton

  • Yonex badminton Racquet ZR 100 light pack of 2
  • Zr 100: Composition – Aluminum, weight – 95 to 100 g, grip size – G4
  • Zr 100: made in India – this is a revolutionary product by Yonex which is developed in Japan and made in India
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate level players
  • ZR 100L: comes with full Cover
  • Material: Aluminum
  • In-box Contents: 2 Badminton Racquets
Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Color Black/Black
Frame-Material aluminum
Material-Type Aluminum
Size Others
Skill-Level Intermediate
Sport badminton
Style Name Strung Badminton Racquet

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